Calahonda Pizzeria

Pizzeria in Calahonda with free home delivery. Delicious pizza made in a traditional way. Try a real Italian pizza without leaving home. If you live in Calahonda you have probably heard about the taste of our pizzas, if not, don’t miss the opportunity to get to know the work we do, we are sure you will love them.

We offer you the possibility of eating locally, collecting it to go or directly delivering it to your home. We adjust to your needs. That’s why we don’t want you to miss out on our pizzas with dough and sauce made on a daily basis and with the highest quality local products. We love to offer a service in which you are fully satisfied, and we do it without increasing the price. At PizzaTime you will find the best traditional pizzas from Calahonda at a real and fair price.

Calahonda Pizzeria Delivery

Whenever you feel like a nice pizza in Calahonda, you’ll have zero excuses to not eat it at home. We’ll take it wherever you tell us, for free. Thanks to the work system we use, each order process is done quickly. This way, we get a tasty, hot pizza on your doorstep in about 30 minutes.

In our menu we have chosen a selection of irresistible pizzas with flavours for all tastes. From the traditional and most demanded tuna, ham or mushrooms to some bolder ones with personal touches by the chef that are the unmistakable stamp of PizzaTime. Of course, you can also play the chef and choose the ingredients yourself.

You know what pizza you’re going to order? Free delivery in Calahonda. Call Us!

Pizzería Calahonda

Calahonda Pizzeria to Go

Are you short on time? You can stop by PizzaTime and eat a few slices on our terrace or come and collect them and take them home or work. For your convenience, you can call us and we will have it ready for you at the time you indicate. As you can see, we like to facilitate the service and shorten the time as much as possible. We don’t want to waste your time waiting, thus we organize ourselves so that each pizza is ready at its precise time.

You want to eat a good pizza in Calahonda and you don’t know which one? PizzaTime is definitely the best choice. With the added bonus that there’s a delivery promo in the Calahonda area and is totally free.

Pizza in Calahonda, don’t let anyone tell you