Las Chapas Pizzeria

At Pizzatime Las Chapas, we have an extensive menu of pizzas where we mix the ingredients in a delicious way. We take your free pizza home, save the delivery fee. Enjoy a real pizza with a recipe brought directly from Italy and cooked in a simmering oven that you can taste at home or pick up at our pizzeria located in Plaza Sta. Mónica, 12L in Las Chapas.

Meet our handmade pizzas with, of course, 100% natural fresh ingredients. The quality of the product, and its recipe to make the traditional dough that has been improved over time, make Pizzatime the best pizzeria in Las Chapas. Call us to place an order at home and you will have your pizza at home in approximately 30 minutes. We have a very effective home delivery service.

Las Chapas Pizzeria Delivery

We bring all the flavor of Pizzatime to your home for free. What are you waiting for? Try our tasty pizzas made by the best pizzamakers in Las Chapas. You’ll find everything from the most traditional pepperoni, four cheese or Vesuvius pizzas to great chef’s specialties such as capresina, primitive or encanto pizzas.

We are committed to delivering quality pizzas made with great care and affection. To achieve this, day after day and without failing, we prepare the dough and tomato sauce in a traditional way in our store. We’re not a fast food establishment because our pizzas are not that kind of product. We create real food, committed to the local product and inspired by the best Italian food.

Enjoy at home the best pizzas from Las Chapas. Remember, delivery is free!

Pizzería Las Chapas

Las Chapas Pizzeria To Go

We prepare an exquisite variety of pizzas in Las Chapas that you can eat at our store, come and pick up or order at home. We have no doubt that once you try our pizzas, you’ll be delighted with the flavour and come for second serves.

If you are going to pick up the store, you can call us in advance and tell us what time you need it. We’ll calculate the right time so that when you arrive, you’ll find your pizza fresh from the oven and ready to go. Unique pizzas, don’t miss the chance and try one of our more than 20 delicious pizzas. It’s pizza time!

Discover the art of pizza at Pizzatime Las Chapas!!